April 2017

nibbles | 10 ea

warmed olives |flat bread and hummus | crispy chicken rice balls


butter lettuce salad   10
ranch dressing, tomato, cucumber, cheddar cheese
albacore poke   16
pickled shallot, aioli, gochujang, potato chips
steak tartare   13
horseradish aioli, egg yolk, sesame lavash
chicken liver & foie gras mousse   14
port wine jelly, pickled mustard seed, brioche made in house
salad of avocado and strawberries   13
burrata cheese, basil
fried rice   13
spring vegetables, Calabrian chili, e
grilled corn on the cob   14
chipotle romesco, cuitlacoche puree, cilantro, corn bisque


lobster ravioli  22
spring peas, carrots, truffle, sauce American
lamb Bolognese  
goat cheese cavatelli, feta, Calabrian chili
beef ragout, San Marzano tomatoes, gorgonzola dulce

fruits de mer

grilled octopus   21
shishito peppers, red pepper hummus, sesame squid ink
roasted diver scallops  
squashes, zucchini, tomato, basil
pan roasted seabass  25
potatoes, pea tendrils, radish, clams, saffron

larger meats

patty melt   14
English muffin, red onion, government cheese, dijonaise
filet mignon   33
whipped potato, torpedo onions, asparagus, red wine jus
the pork shank   39
palm sugar, black garlic hoisin, za’atar bread                                  

chef’s choice   75
five courses, cooked spontaneously by the Birch kitchen to showcase the best southern California has to offer

*we show appreciation for local farmers and artisans
*consuming raw or undercooked foods may be harmful to your health

If you don’t eat your meat…you can’t have any puddings…9

milk pudding, yuzu, mascapone, coconut

coffee & chocolate potted layer cake, espresso beans, ice cream

sticky toffee pudding, burnt sugar ice cream

Sunday Roast

12 pm – 4 pm


butter lettuce salad 10
house made salad cream, tomato, crouton

burrata 12
air dried ham, pickled peppers

chicken liver toast 13

sausage rolls 8
pork, cheddar cheese, sweet mustard

bits & bobs

eggs big benny 12
housemade English muffin, poached eggs, bacon

proper English breakfast 18
sausage, bacon, beans. tomato, fried bread

the roast

whole roast seabass and brown butter sauce 28
roast beef and horseradish cream 27
roast chicken with sage and onion stuffing 26

trimmings: roast brussels sprouts, carrots, peas, cauliflowe & cheese, roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, gravy

Happy Hour & Birch Bites

grilled bread, Egyptian hummus 7

albacore poke, pickled shallot, aioli, gochujang, potato chips 8

butter chicken crispy rice balls, cucumber yogurt, mint, cilantro 6

fried rice, spring vegetables, Calabrian chili, egg 10

beef tartare, aioli, cornichon, caper 10

patty melt, English muffin, red onion, government cheese, dijonaise 7

pork shank bao bun, hoison, pickles, sriracha (limited availability) 10

$10 Bavik and a shot

$5 draft beer

$5 black n’ tans

$8 daily specialty cocktail

$8 well spirits

$7 glass of house red or white wine

and introducing…date nite done right…

“Birch Bites”

$20 bite and carafe of house red or white wine